October 1st, 2004


quick, dirty

* Tom Shales didn't see a tie.
* Howard Kurtz covers plenty of ground in his media wrapup.
* Here's a decent BBC analysis.
* E.J. Dionne Jr. on pre-debate predictions for post-debate spin.

* Oh, and while no one was looking, both the House and Senate rejected the same-sex marriage ban!
* The Homeland cybersecurity chief resigned.
* House ethics panel rebukes DeLay.
* Scientists search for missing nuclear bomb off Georgia coast.
* What about a Johnny Cash musical?

[CoH] supergroup rules

So, browsing the boards to see if there's any interesting supergroups on the Pinnacle server (since it appears I'm playing Pinnacle and Virtue pretty much exclusively these days.) Found this one interesting group, and this is the first line of their group rules:

"1. Treat fellow members with feigned respect. Treat outsiders with convicingly feigned respect!"

Damned if that isn't a great sales pitch.