September 30th, 2004


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* The BBC discusses the fight over the debates' formats - including Bush being sensitive about the fact that Kerry is dramatically taller.
* Another fine round by Howard Kurtz, getting ready for the debates.
* Federal judge strikes down part of the Patriot Act.
* Just how messed up is the election process in Florida? You'd be surprised. (Courtesy Stephen Notley.)
* New bill sneaks in provision to legally be able to ship prisoners to countries that use torture on their captives. Oh, and makes it retroactive.
* Ted Rall talks about why the terrorists do what they do.
* Wow. Check out the pro-Bush DVD being distributed to church groups nationwide.
* BBC starts a multipart series on women's changing attitudes towards marriage.

[UPDATE: More links added in comments section, because I'm quirky like that.]

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4th quarter is almost here, and that means, I need new LJ icons. But being lazy, I need your help!

Thusly, reply here with suggestions for icons for me. You don't have to actually make said icons, you can just link the pics. Bonus points for using the loveable Google Image Search.

Winners will be publicly lauded. Or made fun of. Maybe both. Particularly odious suggestions may earn new code names, probably involving the adjective "Stinky."