September 28th, 2004


fingers crossed

I still feel sick, but I definitely don't feel as run down this morning. I'm hoping I've turned the bend on this malady. Here's hoping.

And in other trivial good news, I put my cell phone back together, and it still works! Hooray! OK, it's still only working as well as it did before, which is 'not that great,' but this might get me a few more weeks out of it, which is all I really need.

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"As a matter of fact, I have a message for the 100 million Americans who didn't care enough about our democracy to vote last time. Good! And, please, do us all a favor. Don't vote next time, either. If you don't care enough about the issues, I don't want you canceling out my vote with your vote."
-Andy Rooney

Carter fears vote trouble in Florida again this year. Here's his letter to the Post.

Bob Herbert looks at Powell then and now.

Well, whaddya know. Hamdi is being released without any charges being filed.

Sikh group redefines their role at 'warrior-saints' to land government contracts in homeland security.

Andy Rooney tells people not to vote.

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Wandering through the Smithsonian's primary off-site storage facility.

Wikis spread across the net.

Transcript of the O'Reilly interview on 60 Minutes. Alternately infuriating and interesting.