September 14th, 2004


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"To be blunt, the mainstream media don't give my generation what we want. We want the news and we want it now, of course - we're spoiled that way. But more than anything, we want the entire story; not just the he said/she said, not just the latest factoid, but the truth."
-Bryan Keefer,

today's top news analysis finds no way for Bush to pay for his $3 trillion agenda. (Not a typo.)

"This presidential campaign is full of verbal violence. In fact, it's bursting with it. Instead of elevating the debate, this campaign is debasing it. Instead of examining the serious problems of a society in crisis, it's treating them in a superficial way. Rather than comparing one philosophical doctrine with its counterpart, the campaigns are succumbing to propaganda -- propaganda that is striking for its excessive anger and its lack of elegance, generosity and even simple courtesy."
-Elie Wiesel

BBC has an excellent analysis of Putin's power grab over the terrorism row. This is big scary news.

"Conyers also disclosed yesterday that Ashcroft spent more than $200,000 in taxpayer money on trips to 32 cities in August and September 2003 to drum up support for the Patriot Act."
-A sidenote in this article in the

Troia presents her questions for the candidates.

Twenty-one things the neocons got wrong about the Iraq war. (Courtesy frecklefaerie.)

The BBC asks, is Iraq unmanageable?