September 13th, 2004


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Napoleon Dynamite was, uh, a movie. It was OK, parts were very funny, but not enough to sustain the whole thing. (Despite a tremendous dance scene.) The soundtrack was also randomly pretty good, surprising since the movie was an MTV production.

Today was busy, but not bad. Hit Bowie in the morning to take care of parents' dog (while they were away in Dover Downs.) Afterward, a picnic at Laurel Lakes park with RQ and tze bebe, which wasn't as taxing as I expected, probably because it was cloudy most of the time we were outside. Then, dinner at the Noodles and Company in Columbia (Dona Quixote, I note they have pad thai there for you to sample) followed by the aforementioned movie.

Tomorrow, or soonly, trailers.

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"If facts mattered in American politics, the Bush-Cheney ticket would not be basing its re-election campaign on the fear-mongering contention that the surest defense against future terrorist attacks lies in the badly discredited doctrine of preventive war."
-NYTimes editorial

Crime rate hits a 30-year low. No, not a typo.

Canada looks to fix its health care system.

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Pondering the concept of a direct-to-DVD television series.

The Pet Shop Boys release their new soundtrack, to, uh, The Battleship Potemkin.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.
(Bonus: ten things about Michelangelo's David.)

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Trailers seen recently:
* Alexander - Whoah, hefty cast there. Need to hear this one is good first, though. Big historicalish films are too iffy these days.
* Closer - Ehn. I suppose if you're into that sort of thing.
* Finding Neverland - Johnny Depp as Barrie? Tempting.
* Flight of the Phoenix - Well, the trailer was definitely a surprise. However, I also think it just explained the whole movie.
* Friday Night Lights - I could have sworn I heard Billy Bob Thornton was a good actor at one point.
* The Grudge - I liked this movie when it was called The Ring. SMG, hope you're ready for Scooby Doo 3.
* Hitch - A-nope, even if it does have a Skarsgard.
* Raise Your Voice - I'm not joking when I say I guessed the plot of the movie from the poster.
* The Ringer - Wow, no. I mean, maybe, if I hear the best things in the world about it, but otherwise, no. Even if that guy did direct Beyond the Mat.
* Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow - Okay, okay, I admit it. The new trailer looks much better, so I'll be there Friday.
* White Noise - They sure didn't make a big deal about Michael Keaton being their only big name. Getting a Sixth Sense/Ring vibe off this, and not in a good way.

Oh, and: anyone seen Vanity Fair? Worth seeing on the big screen?