September 8th, 2004


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The administration admits that rebels control key regions in Iraq.

Cheney says if we vote for Kerry, the terrorists will attack again. No, almost literally.

The deficit continues to grow at record rates, and there's no plan to pay it off. Oddly enough, this differs from what Bush said. By a lot.

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frecklefaerie's open letter to Lt. Governor Michael Steele.

"The problem for the United States is the disconnect between this self-image and the way the rest of the world feels about us. Increasingly, people in other countries don't see America as that beacon of idealism but as something menacing. We can think they're wrong and we can choose to ignore them, but unfortunately, that won't change the way they feel."
-David Ignatius

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Last night, hung out with JubJub. Dinner at Noodles & Company was tasty yet affordable, makes me wish there was one closer to me. Thereafter, we watched the first disk of Wolf's Rain. I'm not a big fan of anime, but this was pretty dang good, I have to admit. And a *great* opening to the first episode. I'll definitely finish up the series... once JubJub gets the other discs. Heh.

Oh, and I watched Austin Powers in Goldmember the other day, you know, to see how they wrap up all the loose plotlines. It was everything I was expecting. I have to admit, though, there was a couple times I was cracking up for the sole reason that they were letting the current awful scene drag on just to make it worse.

Feeling very disjointed today. I'd like to blame the weather, but, yeah.

Look, some pics of my nephew.

More later, or something.

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Good stuff heard on NPR recently:

* Cities Seek to Prosper by Luring Creative People (audio here)
"Two years ago, Richard Florida proposed that cities must attract artists, scientists and other creative problem-solvers if they want to prosper. Several cities around the country have used Florida's ideas to rethink their urban revitalization strategies, focusing on attracting technology and talent - and fostering tolerance."

* Issue and debate: Iraq Policy (transcript and audio here)
"Jim Lehrer discusses the differences in the Iraq policies President Bush and Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., have proposed with former secretaries of State Henry Kissinger, who served during the Nixon administration, and Madeleine Albright, who served during the Clinton administration."
[Aside: I could listen to these two all day long. If they had a cooking show, I'd tape it.]

* The politics of business, and business of politics (audio here)
"Tech booms and housing bubbles may come and go, but politics is a recession-proof industry. Every two years, there's a new election and new candidates looking for campaign advisors. That means permanent employment for savvy political professionals."


While I have your attention, let me also note:
Dan Froomkin's White House Briefing is a hit today, and I try never to miss his weekly LiveOnline transcript.