August 24th, 2004


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"...other officials at the Pentagon said the investigation also acknowledges that military intelligence soldiers kept multiple detainees off the record books and hid them from international humanitarian organizations."

The New York Times looks at the formation of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth organization came about, and its ties to the Bush campaign. Oh, and points out inconsistencies in all the statements from the attack ad. (bonus: graphic.) Howard Kurtz look at the media and the Swift Boat campaign.

So. Will the Republican moderates have any voice at their convention?

Gene Weingarten rides a bus in Jerusalem, and reports on a culture of

Good read: Paul Krugman on 'the Rambo Coalition.'

What if there was a tie for electoral votes? (Courtesy angela_la_la.)

200 prisoners are being held without charges in a private prison in New York City. (Courtesy Iceman.)

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Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

...and more lat0r.