August 22nd, 2004


(no subject)

Greetings from Seattle!

Trip has been going decently well. Much running from place to place, packing and unpacking, taking ferries, etc. Bebe has been decent. Of course a little shy around all the new (and British*) people, but waaaay too active otherwise. Traveling with kids = goofy and hard. Oh, and she has *no* sleep schedule currently (but hey, that's let me get through most of the (awesome) book club book.

The wedding was of course lovely, as was whale-watching. For instance, whales were actually seen doing, uh, whale-things.

More on the trip tomorrow, including the part about looking for the missing person in the dark in the woods, convinced we were in a horror movie. Wish me lucky with the overnight flight tonight!

(* RQ's sister married a British guy, and thusly half the wedding party was very British. Including a small blonde British girl named Alice, which only freaked me out a little.)