August 19th, 2004


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Following the money on Saudi-based charities (plus graphic.)

George F. Will, on the dangers of ignoring history in Iraq.

Bush breaks another campaign promise and doesn't push to extend the ban on assault weapons.

Maureen Dowd on the Olympics, the administration, and the American identity.

Collapse ) releases its 2004 Best Bets winners.

* By 2050, India will be the most populous country on Earth, and other populations will shift radically.
* Austria gets cracking on teleportation.
* Neptune has five moons we didn't know about. Saturn only gets two new ones.
* Did I mention the Mars rovers are still trucking around?
* A gallery of Englishwomen who helped map the world.

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Bebe fever was down last night, though she was up pretty late with it. And she was fine for day care this morning, so there she is.

Finishing packing now, all showered, leaving shortly for the plane to Seattle. We'll be back early Monday, but as it's an overnight flight (leaves there at 1 am, arrives here around 10 am,) I don't know how coherent I will be thereafter.