August 18th, 2004



So, Monday, RQ decides to rent a steam cleaner, because our floors were, technically, filthy. Unfortunately, what with the spontaneity, they weren't dry by the time the bebe came home from day care. A trip to the Muvico mall commences, so bebe can ride the bouncey car rides, and we run into a former co-worker. The floors are clean, now, and almost respectable.

Last night, dinner at the Casablanca in Alexandria for JubJub's birthday. Never had Morrocan before, and that's some tasty stuff. A good time was had by all. No dancers though.

Today, mowed lawn, and packing. FEEL THE BURN.

Tomorrow, we fly to Seattle for RQ's sister's wedding. Whale watching will also likely be involved. The weekend is *packed* with stuff, honestly, and we fly home... Sunday night at 1 am. And get in here aroudn 10:30 am Monday. A *treat* I tell you. Did I mention we didn't get a separate seat for the bebe? Methinks that will turn out to be poor planning, but let's find out.

Busy busy busy. I don't know how I'd get this all done if I like had a job or something.

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Today's wildlife excursion would be the raccoons that showed up on our back porch while we were watching TV. It was dark out there, but we definitely saw at least two. Maybe more. The mystery of what ate through our trashcan, now solved.

In sadder news, bebe is fevery and sick. This will *not* make traveling with her any better. So fingers crossed it's one of those twenty-four hour things (and that we don't get it.)