August 10th, 2004


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OK, I have the complete miniseries of The 4400 on tape now. I know a few people wanted to borrow it, so who has time within, say, the next couple of weeks to watch it (six hours, including commercials) so I can then pass it on down the list?

Incidentally, it's good.

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Reporter held in contempt of court for not revealing his sources. Dan Froomkin covers the connection between that and the Plame investigation in his White House Briefing.

The clash between business and the theocracy in Iran continue to keep the country from advancement.

The BBC looks at the precarious position of the candidates' family members on the campaign trail.

Soldiers dealing with the stress of the Najaf cemetery battle.

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Scientists want us to prepare better for unexpected planet-threatening disasters. What do they think all these movies are for?

What about new concrete that let light pass through it?

New BBC program looks at Boudicca's fight against the world's first superpower.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.