August 6th, 2004


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McCain condemns one of Bush's ads.

The Drug Czar (we still have those?) admits that our anti-drug policies aren't working.

Paul Krugman looks at the Afghanizing of the news from Iraq.

* The Illinois GOP struggles to find someone to run.
* Man, no one ever held concerts to help stop Clinton.
* Polish town turns to geese to ease their economic woes.
* Zines flourished from the online revolution.
* Huh. This October, from the people that brought you South Park - Team America: World Police.

Cassini finds new and different rings around Saturn. Bonus: a 'constant strange glow' from Titan.

Nice little review of the new book Superman on the Couch.

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OK, leaving at dang-early tomorrow morning for the Goblin/Decore wedding. Doubt I'll see any inter-web until Monday night or so, so have a fine weekend everyone.