August 4th, 2004


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"The White House's failure to make it clear that the dramatic terrorism alert Sunday was based largely on information that predated the Sept. 11 attacks is a case study in the difficulty of managing such warnings for an administration whose credibility is a central issue in a difficult presidential campaign.

Related NYTimes analysis on war, peace, and politics.

Welcome to Fortress DC.

BBC Q&A on "the world's worst humanitarian crisis": the Darfur region of Sudan.

How low are wages at Wal-Mart? Enough to cost one state $86 million. (Courtesy Dona Quixote.)

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Listening to the sounds of galaxies.

The NYTimes looks at the design of the new Batmobile.

A day in the life of Joe Republican. (Courtesy marag.)

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- Car fixed, back from shop, only cost a gajillion dollars instead of two gajillion dollars. Also, the brakes are going (which I knew, because of the noise they make) but I'm ignoring that for now, because that's another two gajillion dollars.
- New glasses, picked up. They're, uh, a little square and a little bigger, but that's the way of things these days. Also, it's freaky because I can see *everything.* Still waiting on new sunglasses.
- Haircut achieved, though I really should have had another couple inches off, because it doesn't look like I got any haircut (but I saw the hair lying there on the ground!)
- Cats: nuts.
- Still need to post recent trailers seen.

Dinner with Baroness. Word on the street is cooking will be involved. WHO CAN SAY.

Packing-o-rama for New York trip, leaving Friday morning, returning Monday, uh, evening-ish. Wedding in the middle there somewhere.

- Need code names for marag and summer_queen. Taking suggestions.
- Exit Mundi, one of my favorite websites ,has been updated with a new end-of-the-world theory: the Verneshot.
- After returning from trip, must arrange time to hang out with: Lemon Russ, Mistress Sassy, Fourteen, and probably a zillion other people. If you should be on this list, drop me a note, time will be made.