July 29th, 2004


City of Heroes - the Controller Question

So I decided to create a single Controller character, to get a feel for how they operate, and so I can get a group *instantly* whenever I need. I've created four so far, all with the same power set (Psychic/Empathy,) but can't decide which character/costume I like the best. And when I need help deciding, that's where a LiveJournal poll comes in.

Poll #327897 The Controller Question

Which Controller should I play?

Disco Vampyre - Gained the psychic powers of a vampire - in the 70's! Also, wears purple tiger-striped pants.
Mister Six - All white suit, white shirt, white tie, and green circuitry inlaid in his face.
Ramses 2 - Infused with the DNA of the greatest pharaohs from the past!
The Red Russian - He'll bring back glory to the Motherland!

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Tuesday, hung out with Operative X. In a pique of poor planning, we head down to Bethesda, with the intention of dinner and a movie at ye olde Landmark. Shenanigans complicate the simple process of getting to the place and parked, but food is eventually achieved. During said food, I notice crazy lightning outside the windows, and yes, by the time dinner is done, it's a freakin' DOWNPOUR outside. Like, deluge. Rather than risk the 1-block walk up to Landmark (which might not even have a movie we're interested in) we run around the corner back to the parking garage (and still get soaked through, even from that sprint.)

Anyways. Back to her place, we watch eXistenZ. Ah, Cronenberg, you magnificent bastard. You're like Jon Waters with a latex fetish. The movie was interesting, but oddly enough not as deep as I was hoping for. (It was only like Dark City deep, so the shallow end of the pool. But it had been on my to-watch list for a long time, and wasn't terrible, so there you have it. I always meant to watch in in a film fest with Cube and The 13th Floor (as I haven't seen them either, and they all came out around the same time.)

After that, good conversation, some funny stuff from Mad TV and me drifting off during Mythbusters.

I think today is new glasses day. There's a handful of things I am trying to accomplish before the wedding next weekend, like glasses, haircut, etc. Getting there, getting there.


So, the eye doctor went well. OK, I had to kill time, because I showed up right after he went to lunch, but it was smooth sailing after that. Got a couple interesting frames I don't think I will be terribly unhappy with. And props to RQ for suggesting I go today, as Sterling said the glasses could take about a week (and I've heard tell of worse.) But a week would be the day before my trip.

The less exciting part: apparently, my eyesight has 'deteriorated drastically.' To the point that the eye doc recommends using my old glasses for computer work and heavy reading, since the new prescription will be much more powerful, and I am much more nearsighted than farsighted. He thinks it'll help things from getting 'even worse.' This isn't a huge surprise, most of my hobbies (reading, writing, watching movies, computer, painting) involve eye strain. But, I'm not sure I like terminology like that. I do like being able to read road signs well, though.