July 27th, 2004


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* Fake/'alternative' news outlets descend on the convention, both Jon Stewart and Mick Foley.
* BBC presents quotes from the first day of the Democratic Convention, and a scary-ass picture of Jimmy Carter.
* DC Democrats throw their own Boston Tea Party to bring attention back to the fight for DC rights. (Courtesy marag.)
* History lesson: looking at the old platforms of the Republicans and Democrats.
* BBC profile of the Democratic party.

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I don't care what people say. When the hero of the show ends up in the climatic final battle with an animatronic hippopotamus, dressed in *disco clothes* by the nefarious villian that stole it, at an *evil disco*, that show just isn't for kids.

[EDIT: Did I mention I also got to hear Ricardo Montalban say "This ain't no party! This ain't no disco! This ain't no foolin' around!"

Also, Troia, there may have been an obscure banjo-related joke in there that I didn't get. I'll shoot you an email when I get the actual quote.]