July 23rd, 2004


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So, due to some confusion on my part, turns out I have no plans for tomorrow evening, and the babysitter is already arranged. Anything going on out there I should be aware of? Don't make me go see Catwoman, people.

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"They couldn't amend the Constitution last week, so they're trying to desecrate and circumvent the Constitution this week."
-Rep. Jim McGovern

* Metro halts sales of SmarTrip, because they can't get their shit together.
* Richard Cohen looks back on five deaths, and our forgotten terrorist panic.
* How awesome is this? Cassini sees lightning on Saturn.
* Will we one day hear Queen Victoria and Abraham Lincoln?
* Britain's online guide to best and worst public toilets.
* Looking at why chicks dig Myst.
* The BBC presents quotes from the battle of the sexes.
* The Welsh, now *they* know how to protest. (Courtesy Magistrate.)

"Catwoman, which opens tomorrow nationwide, achieves something I would not have thought possible. It made me think back fondly on Garfield."
-A. O. Scott