July 22nd, 2004


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Bebe woke up about 48 times last night, which wasn't cool at all, and is pretty out of character these days.

Despite the interruptions, managed to finish rewatching Six-String Samurai. Man, I always think that movie had a higher budget and better production values, but then I see it again, and realize it doesn't honestly. (This time through, I noticed a very "Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter style" fake leg that I don't think I picked up on before.)

Today's Diessel Sweeties is awesome.

Also, there's a great new print of Uncle Sam available over at AlexRossArt.com.

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Barbara Ehrenreich: "Abortion is legal - it's just not supposed to be mentioned or acknowledged as an acceptable option."

Guess what? Defense Dept. needs more money! Again!

BBC Q&A on the 9/11 commission's final report.

BBC interview with a teenage suicide bomber. (Courtesy Iceman.)

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Legendary soundtrack composer Jerry Goldsmith passed away.

Good read: the many lives of Catwoman.

A headline that makes my head hurt: P. Diddy Launches Voter Drive