July 20th, 2004


Entertainment/media news

Lisa de Moraes's TV Column is a good bag this week. Make sure to read the parts on the Jay Bobbin Seven Questions Rule, and "The Fabulous Tony Kornheiser." Also "...you have to hand it to the Television Critics Association for naming Jon Stewart's The Daily Show the year's best news and information program."

From NPR: Clear Channel to reduce the number of commercials on the radio.

David Segal has a great essay on concert etiquette.

OK, just found out the creepy backstory to the John Wayne-Genghis Khan classic, The Conqueror.

Television's biggest taboo: abortion. (Courtesy Callico.)

NPR looks at Ellison's unused script for I, Robot.

A gallery of the Buffy stars... from their childhood photos.

Television creators still don't know what's censorable and what's not. For instance, censoring a female orgasm, but not a male one. [Best quote: "Because it's on cable, South Park can put ninja stars in its characters' eyes with no fear of being fined."] (Also courtesy Callico.)