July 15th, 2004


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The Emmy nominations have been announced. Here's the Post recap, plus one from the Times, and the BBC.

I'm delighted to see the following shows I watch listed:
The Daily Show
Deadwood (Many! Including the main title music.)
Samurai Jack (Especially the episode "The Birth of Evil".)

Angels in America deserved its nods as well, hope it gets a couple. As did the credits for Kingdom Hospital (I'm not lying, check out #31.) I never expected to see James Spader facing off against Kiefer Sutherland for an Emmy, either, but there it is.

And while Brad Dourif and Robin Weigert (Calamity Jane!) were nominated for Deadwood, that's all it got of the big awards. Which is outright robbery.

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Highly amusing TV Guide article: reporter on a press tour crankily sits through the WB's presentation of its fall lineup, and we get a minute-by-minute play-by-play.
Note: minor Smallville spoiler hidden in there.

Skipping club unless someone calls and tells me otherwise. Plus, Pinnacle City needs my help. (or does it?) Considered the kara-oke for a brief while, but found out they're at Nuzback's tonight, and I'm not brave enough to go that alone.