July 13th, 2004


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I knew I was getting too complacent with the e-mail thing. Was working for a whole week or so! But, yeah, down now. Feh.

Hmmmm, now to try and do this post from memory (as my notes are on my shell account.)

Got the car to the shop yesterday, luckily repairs to the electrical system should "only" be about $500. Gah. But anyways, means I'm free tomorrow night or Thursday night, if anyone's looking to hang out. Including, possible, zhe Nations Gothicks Clubbe (as an option.)

It's a bebetastic week, as this week the daycarelady is on vacation. All bebe, all the time. We're all getting along fine, though, trying to keep her on the same schedule (admittedly, waking up a little later, but she still goes to bed around 8:30, which is the important part.)

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OK, more later, when I can get back to my account.


Not only is my mail back up, but it was down for, uh, maintenance that should make it more stable. Yay!
Now, if only the car place would call and tell me I can pick up the vehicle...