June 30th, 2004


(no subject)

So, sat down last night to watch the final episode of Band of Brothers. And, it turns out, two days ago was the last day for its rotation on inDemand. Which makes me cry. If anyone has a copy of just the last episode, *please* let me know and let me borrow it.

So, having some free time, we inDemand'ed... Sinbad. Yep, the crappy animated version. And oh my lord it's terrible. I mean really really bad. There were two or three *really awesome* lines in there, but those were literally the *only* saving graces of the film. Particularly bad was the computer animation, which they snuck into the other animation in... well, whatever the opposite of the word 'seamless' is. I mean, we're talking Lost in Space levels of bad, it stuck out so, so much. Anyways.

Oh, and: happy birthday Fermat!