June 29th, 2004


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Let me recommend Dan Froomkin's White House Briefing from yesterday, especially the sections on the drubbing Bush took in the Irish press, and the administration's response to it.

David Brooks takes on the political polarization in America.

Howard Kurtz on the shady way the press was notified about the Iraqi handover yesterday, including confiscating their cellphones.

Good read: Where was the big photo of this momentous event? (Bonus points for using the words "invitation only.")

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New discoveries mean the original Americans may have been here even farther back than we thought before.

"The Bush administration is testing something called the Registered Travelers Program. This allows travelers to bypass the security lines and checkpoints at airports by agreeing to a fee and a background check. Boy, that's a great idea. A separate line for rich people. I'm surprised the Republicans thought of that."
-Jay Leno