June 20th, 2004


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* As the handover draws near, the litany of mistakes will weigh heavy on the rememberence of the Iraqi invasion and occupation.
* Post analysis of the 9/11 commission report's impact on Bush's re-election campaign.
* Iraqi leader proposes amnesty for rebels. Washington must love that.
* Librarian takes a stand against the Patriot Act.
* Five robots win top honors in the hall of fame.
* Globalization - and pro wrestling - invade Bhutan.
* Ray Bradbury isn't pleased with the title of Michael Moore's new movie. (Courtesy Operative X.)

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Well, The Terminal is just about everything you'd expect from a Tom Hanks/Steven Spielberg dramedy. If you're into their movies, go, you'll enjoy it. Some parts were pretty funny, but the characters and the plots were transparently thin. Added bonus: Pagoda from The Royal Tenenbaums!

* Collateral - Uh, no. Hey, was that Denzel Washington?
* De-Lovely - Not my cup of tea, sorry.
* Vanity Fair - Maybe. Not like I read the book or anything.
* Anchorman - write down the day, because *this* was the trailer that completely won me over. I'm not joking. So there.

Oh, and before that, had a terrible dining experience at Remomo in the mall. No, the food was tasty, but they're under new management or something. We didn't recognize any of the staff. Food took forever to get there, they got a couple things wrong and didn't come back to check on us remotely enough. Did I mention the prices went up? Think twice before returning, folks.

Before that was Goblin & Decore's Collapse )

This morning was a Collapse )

And tonight was family dinner at Gracie's Fortune in Bowie. Mmmmm, tasty vegetables in brown sauce. Good conversation, catching up with everyone, etc.

Mail is back up! For now. (I don't really trust it, of course. IT CAN SMELL MY BRAIN.) Webpages still seemingly not working. I'm gonna call Pickett tomorrow. If the situation doesn't look like it's going to improve, I'm going to investigate other options. Le sigh.