June 12th, 2004


I'm not very interesting.

Man, it's been like half a week since I had a real update. Tragically, not much more to say so far.

This morning, did a 40k tournament at Magistrate's Place. Went OK. Well, I was in the competition for last place (I narrowly missed, and got second to last place) but had fun, for the most part. The latter modifier added because of a, well, quirky player who I got frustrated with in the group game we played thereafter. But anyways.

RQ is back in town, bebe was very happy about this. I'm still no closer to getting a job, it's all just very intimidating a process. I *need* to work through that ASAP, though.

Other than that, not much else interesting going on. Mixed bag of insomnia this week, but it hasn't nailed me yet. Bought a laser pointer thing for the cats; Mary digs it, Stalin doesn't seem to be with the program. Still playing City of Heroes (which I will post about soonly.) Concerned for a close friend going through some tough times. Etc. The usual bag of tricks.

Party tonight, should be fun, hope that lifts my spirits to some degree.

Oh, and, happy birthday Troia!