June 8th, 2004


Let's see

Last night was a delightful evening with Operative X. After a fine dinner and a movie, we retired back to her place for some pretty impressive WW2-era Disney propaganda cartoon. These things are awesome. Thereafter, we stayed up until literally all hours talking and drinking/sobering up. The only downside being sleeping in late, and thusly missing another appointment.

Dropped RQ off at the airport this afternoon, she returns Thursday. All bebe all the time for me in the interim. To pass the time, I've been invited to dinner with my older sister and some of her friends Tuesdaynight, and have invited my mom to dine on Wednesday. Leaving this past evening, in which I ended up at Jungle Grille with Regent and Dona Quixote. Bebe was a bit of a pain with the not eating, but otherwise it was a positively charming supper with friends. Need to arrange more of these smaller gatherings.

More later. Or so.

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Two Reagan comments:
1.) I wish they would quit making it sound like he ended the Cold War. He was there when it happened, sure. But it was the USSR's crappy economy and Gorbachev that ended it, not the Gipper.
2.) Say what you will about the man's politics (and there's plenty to say) but he was a damn good orator. Seriously. He was the last actually presidential president we really had.

Howard Kurtz, on Reagan's contentious relationship with the media. Also, Dan Froomkin has a lot to say as usual.

Justice Dept. memo from 2002 promotes the use of torture.

The genocide we can and should prevent right now.

Wars have put a huge strain on the National Guard.

Spam costs are skyrocketing in the workplace.

Observing human responses to technology.

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If there's one thing I love as much as news, it's follow-ups to old news stories. The maddeningly fast news cycle monopoly we live in means so many things happen so quickly, that corrections or followups get buried on page 23. So anything we *do* get can be gold.

A fine example: Alexandra Polier, the intern accused of having an affair with John Kerry, speaks out against the media that accused her.
(Courtesy Operative X.)