May 27th, 2004


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Justice League Reminder: this Saturday, at 7:30 pm on Cartoon Network: "Starcrossed," the final episode of Justice League for this season, will be shown in its entirety (so, yes, 7:30 to 9 pm, it's a three-parter.)

Lions Gate and Marvel team up to produce new animated DVDs based on the Marvel Universe.

WizWorld links! *All* stolen from
* Joe Quesada's Marvel panel.
* DC and Wildstorm panel.
* Vertigo panel (with Hellblazer news.)
* Avengers panel.
* Spider-man panel (with hints on Straczynski's new storyline.)
* X-men panel.

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Book club for next month is Bully for Brontosaurus by one Stephen Jay Gould. Meeting is Monday, June 28th. All are welcome, promises to be a good time.

Last night, despite a late start, got some NoVA s00shi with JubJub, then retired to her place to chat and watch Charade (i.e., the movie they remade into The Truth About Charlie.) Good stuff! I like both films for different reasons, but the original definitely wins the fashion award. And a young James Coburn! Scary.

This week has really been sort of a bitca. And tonight is bebesitting night; I hope she stays in good spirits. But I'm looking forward to...

The upcoming weekend:
* Tomorrow: trip to the zoo with bebe's day care. I get to meet all the other parents and the like. Could be fun. I'm hoping one or two of them are cool.
* Tomorrow night: the Kara-oke. Join us!
* Saturday: Heroclix tournament! I take on... GALACTUS.
* Saturday night: Justice League: Starcrossed. At last.
* Sunday: cookout at Norton's, then Deadwood.
* Monday: Good question!