May 26th, 2004


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Realized I forgot to report on new trailers before the last couple movies I have seen:

* The Bourne Supremacy - ehn, maybe. I seem to remember vaguely liking the first one, though I can't recall why now.
* The new Chronicles of Riddick trailer - a titter crept through the audience when Diesel Stallone'd up the line "I am the monster."
* A Cinderella Story - didn't I see this when it was called Ever After?
* Dodgeball - Maaaaaaaaybe. This could go either way.
* Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle - Oh. Oh yes.
* The Manchurian Candidate - Wow, they are going far afield with this remake. We shall see.
* Sleepover - Signs point to no. Thick with newcomers, though.
* Spongebob Squarepants - Oh hells no.

In other movie news, the filmmakers have declined to show The Day After Tomorrow to critics. This could be for one of three reasons:
1.) There's a surprise ending that they don't want given away.
2.) The film is so good, they want it to run on word of mouth alone.
3.) The film is so bad, they don't want people reading reviews and deciding not to go, hopefully securing a decent opening weekend.
I leave it up to the reader to surmise which of these three applies.

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Amnesty International condemns the US over rights abuses brought about by the 'war on terror.' Red Cross wants to know where the US is keeping the high-profile prisoners.

The BBC asks, are we winning the war on terror?

So, what if Iraqis don't want to demolish Abu Ghraib? Also, how Congress specifically didn't fund a replacement prison... last year. The BBC looks at other infamous prisons and their fates.

Getting weird: tracing Nick Berg's final days in Iraq. (graphic)

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Welcome to the World SWAT Challenge!

Local DJ learns to live with her epilepsy.

It's a crime wave, Swedish-style.