May 10th, 2004


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[OK, I have about a zillion news articles left over from the weekend, so I'll be making a couple posts today.]

Post special report: what are all those contractors doing in Iraq? Also, the BBC notes how the use of contractors is blurring the rules of war.

Analysis points out how often Bush and Kerry agree on issues.

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"During the first Gulf War, U.S. forces employed one civilian contractor in Iraq for every 60 active-duty personnel. At the start of the current Iraq war, that figure was about one in 10."

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Let's see, what else.

Saturday afternoon, I hit the 40k RTT with the Disorderlies (my local gaming gang) and ended up playing cheerleader/photographer for the first turn. Kind of fun, will toss some pics up here once Magistrate gets around to getting them online.

Sunday afternoon, participated in the Mother's Day tradition of watching Krull on purpose (it was a pick between that or Beastmaster 2 on Telemundo.) Thankfully, I fell asleep for part of it.

After that, big family dinner at El Charro. Swapped dentistry stories with younger sister (I'm getting one implant done. She's getting three!) and a good time was generally had by all. Wished my Dad a happy birthday as well (it's properly tomorrow, but hey.) And as we were leaving, Dona Quixote and Baldur showed up with her parents! Greetings were exchanged.

Then, home, chores, and Deadwood, which remains awesometastic.


This Thursday, *** GothProm *** at the Nations Gothics Club! People should join me. I might forego the tie this year, as it wasn't all that comfy last year. Or maybe... the bolo tie? WHO CAN SAY.

Don't know what's going on tomorrow night, but I should do something, as the rest of the week is packed. Possibly, people over for the Heroclix this weekend.