May 9th, 2004


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Dare I say, Van Helsing is one of the worst movies I have seen this year. Let me append that. It's a great comedy, I laughed throughout the whole thing. The bad script is only overshadowed by the impressively terrible and illogical plot. Hugh Jackman *will* win an award for worst hair extensions in a film this year. There's just a shopping list of this wrong with it. (Like, say, James Bond scenes. Yeesh.)

I will give it credit over League of Extraordinary Gentlemen though. Van Helsing, much like the Mummy movies before it, was aware of its badness, and that gave them a little leeway to get away with more stuff (like, say, the ropes and cables *everywhere.* It was like a Tarzan movie.) LXG never had the lighthearted 'fun' aspect going for it, and that really hurt it in the long run.

OK, there were a couple good points too, which prove they could have made a better movie if they wanted. Richard Roxburgh was *great* as Dracula. Seriously, I loved every minute he was in. The guy playing Frankenstein's monster was also unexpectedly good. Kate Beckinsale definitely has a career as an action star ahead of her. And the grave digger!

Sigh. But anyways. If you don't want it spoiled, don't read the comments, because I know there will be some discussion here. And if you *are* going to see it, have a couple drinks first. Trust me on this one.

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As NPR mentioned Friday: the 372nd Military Police Company may be guilty of many crimes, but they do have one hero to their credit: Specialist Joseph M. Darby, who on Jan. 13 alerted his superiors to the photographs of the prisoner abuse, which launched the criminal investigation, which launched... this whole mess. As pointed out in Harry Potter, standing up to your enemies may be hard, but standing up to your friends is much tougher.

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Notes from on the new season of Justice League:
"Atom's going to be great," story editor Dwayne McDuffie told The Continuum. "Warren Ellis wrote the first Atom episode."

"He gave him an interesting personality," story editor Stan Berkowitz added. "And then J.M. DeMatteis did the second one, and built on that personality."

In other Justice League news:

* Justice League Unlimited will launch on Aug. 7 on Cartoon Network.

* Andrew Kreisberg wrote an episode involving Booster Gold.

"The concept was Rosenkrantz & Guildenstern," Berkowitz told The Continuum. "With all this big stuff going on, here's a guy who's involved in a small part of it and not very happy about his lot in life."

[They also mentioned earlier this week, the final episode of season 2, "Starcrossed" (a.k.a., the Justice Society episode,) will be on Saturday, May 29th, at 7:30 pm.]

[And while I am here, the Teen Titans season has four episodes left, but they aren't on the current schedule. No, I don't know why Cartoon Network keeps goofing this up.]