May 7th, 2004


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This weekend -
Tonight: Nothing! Sad state of affairs.
Tomorrow: Hanging out at the 40k RTT during the day, pics online eventually. Babysitters tomorrow night, so maybe Van Helsing or something similar. I'm beginning to think RQ isn't interested in Fog of War.
Sunday: family dinner at El Charro. Thusly, horchata!

Man, check out the cast of this new cartoon.

Also, check out this *hot* new animation before it gets forwarded to you by 48,000 other people: ("Courtesy" Operative X.)

More later.
Rock Star

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You've seen the meme elsewhere, it's here now. Top 20-ish songs from a MP3 shuffle. Here's a piece of the lyrics, you guess the song. Give it a try before you look at comments!

* I did judicious skipping for clarity and fairness. Noted everything skipped.
* Punctuation approximated in places.

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