May 5th, 2004


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Disney refuses to distribute new Michael Moore film, in which the connections between Bush and the Saudis are explored.

More Abu Ghraib fallout: government groups seek to limit the public relations damage. World Opinion Roundup shows a lot of the world is comparing Bush to Hussein, now.

Oh, and: more abuses disclosed. Welcome to freedom! Mission Accomplished!

"One reason for optimism is that the overwhelming majority of Israelis - as opposed to Likud Party members - favor the dismantling of settlements in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank."

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ramblin' man

Whoo, not-busy-but-still-updateless couple days.

Sunday, caught Bend It Like Beckham, which was entirely adequate if unambitious sports movie. Randomly good soundtrack, though, and *man* I forgot Knightley was in it. Nothing else much to say here.

Monday, as aforementioned elsewhere, zhe bebe started day care. Which, apparently, also involves her crying her fool head off. Though she was slightly better today, so I have been told. So, adjustment is occurring. But a sad, sad bebe at the drop-off.

Monday evening, dinner with Operative X and Lemon Russ at the Du Claw. Look for a further update on work completed during this dinner!

Afterwards, we hit Mean Girls, which is a *treat.* Seriously, highly recommended, been a while since we've had a decent high school movie. Tina Fey and Tim Meadows prove how much they rock and rule, respectively. Plus, the Janitor! *And* Tina Greer! [X, let me just remind you of something.]

Went home early from work today, not from general slacktitude, but because I was genuinely not feeling very well. Might be rollover insomnia problems, but still not feeling tired, after a total of six hours sleep in the past two nights.

Tonight, I was reminded how I need to writeup how awesome The Shield is (much like my Deadwood writeup from Monday) but, uh, I don't think anyone else watches it but me. Sigh. Oh, and it was the Scrubs season finale, and lo, it was All That.

Tomorrow, I think I will give bebe a day off from day care. Maybe I can still find time to updates quotes pages and dump some Awesome Links here.

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OK, Sesame Street is on, meaning I can sneak down here while my non-napping bebe is distracted. Important stuff first.

So. At the mall the other night, Operative X, Lemon Russ, and I hit upon the realization that the names for the days of the week are *way* out of date, and we should use a more modern mythology for them. To wit, please start using the following names in your every day life: