April 30th, 2004


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Last night, Regent came over and generously babysat while RQ and I hit the P&G Greenbelt for Monster. Movie was pretty good. Otherwise average plot covered up by excellent characters and performances. Oh, but the soundtrack, a joy. Pretty much every movie can be improved by a Journey song playing at a roller rink.

The other thing that bugs me about this dental thing: it's going to make kara-oke-ing a pain, if not impossible.

Tonight: something. We've got my parents babysitting, so, more out of the house. Maybe... Mean Girls?
Saturday: relaxing, hopefully some reading and painting. Minor festivities for a certain birthday girl.
Sunday: There's a lunch theory. Oh, and at some point this weekend, new LJ icons.

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Pictures of prisoner abuse by US soldiers bring court martials.

This just in: Cheney and Rumsfeld don't like al-Jazeera.

New study on prison boom nationwide has some impressive numbers: "Texas led the way, building 120 prisons in those two decades, or an average of nearly six a year."

Don't call it a comeback... Senor Snakehead returns!

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And finally, as I mentioned elsewhere...
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