April 18th, 2004


(no subject)

I declare Kill Bill, volume 2 to be magnificent. So many film references. So much, well, drama. And, of course, action! With a capital ! I also love me some Pai Mei.

But, oh my lord, the most retarded crowd ever. The conversations overheard. It was like the jock guy in your lecture class in college, talking too loud about how 'awesome' Scarface is because it's so "deep." Sigh. At least they were well-behaved for the movie. It was my fault for seeing it opening weekend, I know.

New trailers:
* Shall We Dance? - Oh, hell no. And was this the wrong audience for that.
* Seed of Chucky - At this point, I think the filmmakers are actually insulting the audience. Good lord.
* Hero - Now *this,* this is a winner. Kung fu theater legendary samurai *epic* with a big-looking budget. Starring Jet Li. I might as well order my ticket *now.*

Earlier today, a different epic: tasty sushi dinner at the King of Sushi to celebrate Velvet's birthday with a cast of thousands (well, ten or so folks.) Including actually meeting bearly525 and a too-rare appearances by Summer and Callico (who I watched eat an *octopus.* On *purpose.*) Thereafter, I tried this famous bubble tea (interesting, but I like the 'tea' aspect more than the 'bubble' factor) and got a little errandy shopping done.

Tomorrow, babysitting while RQ goes a-hiking, and thereafter family dinner in Annapolis. Busy like a bug.