April 2nd, 2004


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Side comments:

* How goofy has this week been? I brought the third edition of Shadowrun to read while on "vacation." At this moment, I am... just over 60 pages through it. Whoo!

* The souvenir I did not get anyone was the zookeeper action figure from the zoo store. Despite the fact that the zookeeper in question was, in fact, a janitor pushing a broom. A janitor action figure? Who thinks these things up?

* Yes, I'm still watching Kingdom Hospital, and it's bad, but it's fun. At least it's making a *little* more sense now.

* So bebe was wearing very sparkly shoes yesterday, and as mentioned I was carrying her around a lot of the day. (And yes, my back is paying the price today.) However, I made sure people took pictures of us, so they could see my... glittery pants! (Also< I woke up this morning and realized I had glitter under my fingernails. That jonk gets *everywhere.*) I shouldn't complain too much, though. RQ had no less than 42 bobbypins holding her hair creation up. When pictures are online, I will make sure to post linkz here.


Links for myself [and others if they are so inclined]:

* Hot newz, courtesy of castironskillet: Where has all the LSD gone?
* Drew Z. Greenberg interview
* Spandex vs. Leather: an essay on why both arguments over superhero costumes are wrong.

And, courtesy seth6666 - Wed 5/5 New Model Army - Ottobar (Baltimore) $10.00

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Dawn of the Dead matinee - caught. Full review later, but I didn't hate it. Just another entry in the zombie genre.

Now, off to dinner with RQ's sister and her fiancee at le Benihana, followed by... Hellboy!

Then, home, pack, sleep, return rental car, fly home, etc. Busy like a bug. Chat with y'all... Sunday.