March 31st, 2004


The News Experiment, Part 2

Same deal-y-o as Monday. Here's some newz linkz to get you started, post interesting ones as comments here for me (and others) to see.

* Study says outsourcing will create more US jobs.
* Prized Nielsen demographic down 12%. This is big news.
* Howard Kurtz, on why the Clarke story just won't quit.
* Froomkin with his White House Briefing.
* High school slam dunk competition won by... a female basketball player.
* BBC takes on traveling in... the future!

(no subject)

Juuust got back from rehearsal dinner. My disbelief in marriage has been confirmed, even though they sat me next to the priest (who was otherwise positively charming, if not old and Irish.)

Let's see. Last night was kara-oke, which was fun and is about to get its own post. This morning was pancakes (yay) and the aforementioned rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Met many family and friends of the family of the happy couple, everyone was cool, etc. (OK, one guy was slightly less cool, but I am not letting it bother me.) Tomorrow is crazy day, in that I drop off RQ for wedding preparations at like 8 am, the wedding being around 4 or something, and us not expecting to get home until 11 pm. That will be one cranky bebe by the end of the mess.) Friday, fingers crossed, Hellboy and more un-bebe time (I'm rooting for... double feature!)