March 27th, 2004


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THIS JUST IN: Packing is hard.

Packing for myself, plus nice wedding clothes, plus baby and other overflow, harder.

Oh, and my mail is down, making this a banner day.

On the other hand, I slept like a log. Starting in the early evening. Hence not getting anything done last night.

(no subject)

* Must read: Slate reviews the juicy parts of Clarke's book. (Courtesy Troia.) His book has reignited the debate over the Iraq invasion.
* Military families foresee personnel crisis on the horizon. (PDF of survey data.)
* Romanians and police clash over... vampires. (Courtesy squeegibo.)
* On Mexico's mean streets, the sinners have a saint.
* The science of casting reality TV shows.
* Orbach may leave Law & Order. Sorta.