March 8th, 2004


Quick News

Good read: Are we reaching a critical mass of crises?

Sharp jump in military spending prompts warnings in times of deficit.

Not only a lack of real new jobs last month, but they adjusted down numbers for the two previous months. Yeah, this recovery's doing *great* guys.

Terry Neal on the double-edge sword of incumbency.

Two proposals to ban legal recognition of gay unions in MD were defeated.

Second Mars rover finds more signs of water.

Brain. Pacemakers.

Straight Dope casts doubts on the Mole People.

Monday, Monday

Yesterday, finally saw James and the Giant Peach, which was cute. Not deep, but cute. Oh, and I am torn between which I liked better: the rhino, or Jack Skellington's cameo. Thereafter, a keen Teen Titans [I really need to write up something on the 'War World' episode archetype of action cartoons, where our hero is forced to fight in a gladiator-style combat, usually in some far-off place. But, later.] Oh, and I got some painting done for the Warhammer megabattle I have coming up in two weeks or so.

Saturday, I am sure I did something interesting during the day. That even brought a trip to the Wharf Rat in Bal'mer for Regent's birthday. RQ and I went up early and had (a very tasty) dinner there. And then, many people showed up. It was a treat! Got to see and talk to a lot of people I haven't seen and talked to in quite a while. Too many people and good conversations to go into detail here, but really, I wish every weekend held nights like that.

Friday, last minute hanging-out with JubJub. Tasty chow and walking around downtown Alexandria (as the weather was nice even by my standards,) thereafter I manager to only fall asleep a couple times watching TV thereafter. Oh, and she's convinced me I need to watch Big O again, once the cycle restarts, as apparently the second season changed the show pretty dramatically.

This week: still no free time. Sigh. RQ reminded me that it's only like three weeks until the (week-long) Seattle trip. Too soon!

EDIT: Oh, and having people over for Wrestlemania XX this coming Sunday. More details soon!