February 27th, 2004


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Day off from work today, ostensibly for getting ready for the con tomorrow, last minute painting and packing and the like. Naturally, only things accomplished toward that goal so far have been:
a.) sleeping late.
b.) waffles!

Ooh, and yesterday, I picked up my Stargate, and it's cooool. You know, if you're into that sort of thing. Which I Am. Also picked up the Risk 2210 board game, as the WotC store is hip-deep in their crazy sale.

Tonight: Kara-oke! Join us! I only know one song I intend to sing so far. A conundrum!

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Catching up on ComicsContinuum.com...

Promo pic from next season Justice League Unlimited:
Collapse )

Click here for more info on Cartoon Network's 2004 plans. X-Men: Evolution officially not renewed, sigh.

Lion's Gate is working on movies for Iron Fist, Black Widow, and Punisher 2.

Oooh, and Robert Rodriguez is now signed to direct a Sin City movie, keen, keen. And Rodriguez says Miller *will* be involved in the production, sweet.

Whoah. Director Bryan Singer and the writing team from X2 will be writing Ultimate X-Men for a year. Click here for more on that, plus a couple comments from Joss Whedon on the X-men book *he'll* be writing.

Impressive amount of painting done today (for me, that is.) Soon, showering before kara-oke.