February 7th, 2004


(no subject)

Last night, discovered that Biker Boyz wasn't that good a movie. No, really. Normally, I can find some redeeming value in a movie, even if that value is 'so bad that it's funny.' Not so here. It wasn't exciting enough to be an action movie (really, really not exciting. No explosions!), not serious enough to be a drama, and not remotely funny enough (intentional or otherwise) to be a comedy. The only good parts were everyone's names (Soul Train, Dog), *one* scene where Orlando Jones pretends he's Chaucer from A Knight's Tale, and the one death early in the film, which was coool.

Oh, and Stargate was decent, but not as grand as last week's.

This morning, got the (late) emissions test done. Only took an hour, of which only ten minutes were the actual test. Glad we went early, indeed. Tonight, can't find a theater showing City of God locally, so prob. some Muvico-related fare.

Courtesy Magistrate: Mongoose Publishing gets the license for Starship Troopers (book and movie, et al) for games. Aw, yeah.