February 3rd, 2004


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On this day in 1959, the airplane American Pie crashed near Clear Lake, Iowa, claiming the lives of rock-and-roll stars Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and "the Big Bopper," J.P. Richardson.

The fatal four!
* Paul Krugman digs into the president's new budget.
* Thomas Friedman on the faith-based Budget of Mass Destruction.
* David Brooks tears into the 'scientific pretensions' of the CIA. (Bonus: yet another Dostoyevsky reference.)
* Maureen Dowd on the administration's mirrored assumptions. "The moral of Vietnam was supposed to be that we would never again go to war without understanding the culture of our antagonists, or exaggerate their threat to us."

Also, some finally looks at what astrology has to say about the Democratic candidates.

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Last night: Stargate and lots of it.

Did I not discuss Super Bowl movie commercials? Troy should be fun, looks like the biggest movie involving multiple pro wrestlers this year. Van Helsing appears to be everything I'm looking for. Yes, as Agent Black pointed out, the special effects in the commercial weren't very special, but that's what they have the next couple months for. Starsky & Hutch, hee hee hee. And quite a cast! Didn't Hidalgo come out already? Yeesh. And as Regent informed me that Secret Window is based on the work by Stephen King, I'm only more interested. And see previous remarks about awesome cast.

WB looking to revive Dark Shadows. Again.

In an unrelated story, John Glover is simply awesome. I sense a new LJ icon in my future...

SomethingAwful.com presents: mixed-up movie captions.

Today's Bad LJ Icon Idea: Ike Turner.
Fortune Cookie: "Prosperity destroys the fools and endangers the wise." (Wowzah. Now *that's* a fortune.)