January 28th, 2004


Busy like a bee

Last night, I drove out to Virginia to hang out with JubJub and watch some Ultraviolet (I think she liked it.) The only real chore was finding a place to do delivery.

I would like to note something about driving in inclement weather, because I am sure this topic hasn't been gone over enough on the LiveJournal. The roads were much cleaner and much less crowded driving home after midnight than driving out there at 7 PM. This is because people are stupid and scared of a little ice. Sissies. Also, despite my Maryland pride, I am forced to admit the roads in DC were much cleaner than the roads in either VA or MD.

Monday night, I folded laundry on the floor instead of on the bed, despite my back hurting from shoveling snow (twice,) as both cats were sleeping on the bed, and thusly, they were too cute to move. This in fact proves I would be a crazy cat lady, except for obvious reasons. Other than the laundry, I watched, uh, four hours of Stargate SG-1. Also, I hung out with a certain bebe. That's how cool my life is.

Tonight, Schmallville und Angel. Tomorrow, dinner guests. Oh, and thrift store shopping both days after work, because Friday I leave for that weekend larp (of which i am already gathering opinions.) Stupid weather, making everything rushed. For which I still need to get directions and the other logistical stuff. Hmmm.