January 25th, 2004


Catching up...

Thursday was larp planning, and you can see the fruits of that labor elsewhere... Really, I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing. Mage isn't my favorite system, or the one I know the best. What makes me most nervous is that I won't have time to do things right. Luckily, my cohort is well-computer savvy, which will help there. But I *am* excited about the whole thing, and I do miss gaming regularly so.

Last night, headed over to Chez Regent und Dona Quixote to watch The Devil's Backbone again. Was even better than I first recalled. To wit: a.) still rocks, highly recommended, and b.) renews my faith in Hellboy.

Tonight was pho (yay) followed by a performance by Velvet's dance troupe. She was of course awesome, and Malika remains impressively tall and noisy. However, this was a joint performance, with two other dance groups there. I might go on later about the tap group and how this was the first time I can say I enjoyed watching tap dancing (no, really, some of them were damn good.) But I will be trying to forget about the modern/interpretive dance group that was there too, because they were, uh, yeah. Whuf.

More on some of the above later. Possibly.

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On this day in 1890, reporter Nellie Bly of the New York World completed her round-the-world journey (which took only 72 days, six hours and 11 minutes.)

Today's must read (but scary): news analysis about intelligence, nuclear proliferation, and who we should have attacked instead of Iraq.

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"President Bush is also announcing plans for a $1.5 billion election-year drive to promote marriage. He also wants another billion dollars to send an American to the moon. That's how you know we have a big divorce problem in this country - when it costs more to keep a couple together than to send a man to the moon."
-Jay Leno