January 9th, 2004


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I was remiss yesterday, when I failed to mention the birth of the King. Hopefully, my sins will be overlooked at the pearly gates.

Last night, still recovering, which I can only presume affected my judgment when we decided to watch The New Guy. The surprise was, once you get past the first half hour, the movie isn't terrible. Not particularly innovative, mind you, but relatively amusing. And *chock* full of guest stars (not one, but *two* O'Connells! Vanilla Ice! And an completely unrecognizable Gene Simmons, to name a few.) Their only real fault was casting Eddie Griffin when clearly they meant to hire Orlando Jones. But again, Eliza Dushku as a cheerleader, how can you go wrong.

Tonight: Stargate SG-1 season premiere. Tomorrow, premiere for Teen Titans. Sunday, fingers crossed, gaming, followed by Big Fish at the Landmark. Then Monday Book Club, and Tuesday tentative plans. Busy busy.

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On this day in 1861, the Star of the West, a merchant vessel bringing reinforcements to Federal troops at Fort Sumter, SC, retreated after being fired on by a battery in the harbor.

Transcript of Bruce Campbell on LiveOnline today. (Also, Carolyn Hax.)

Straight Dope's awesome history of pinball.

* Don't get me wrong. I'm big on space exploration. I just like it when we have enough money to do these things also.
* Powell admits no proof of Iraq-al Qaeda link. So, that's two causes for war disputed.
* The administration wants the UN back in Iraq. Maybe they should have thought of that last year.
* Bush may get an earful from Latin America.
* What Bush needs to learn from European guest worker programs.
* How positive is a discussion of the candidate's religious backgrounds going to be?