December 4th, 2003


(no subject)

I forgot to mention here, saw Elf over the weekend. It's a cute family film with some very funny parts (I'm not sure I can eat spaghetti ever again,) and Will Ferrell does a great job. Nothing deeper than that, though.

Oh, and I watched The Warriors today, to prepare for the Necromunda campaign that might be starting up soon at Chez Magistrate. (Very exiting! Now, if I could only decide which gang to take.)

Tonight was dinner with Dona Quixote at the Grille of Mongolian Variety, followed up by some theoretical book shopping at Ye Olde Borders. Chatted a lot about all variety of topics, including coming back a couple times to discussing how our group of friends has broken up (into the married, house-buying half and the bookclub-karaoke half.) Which kind of sucks, because I miss my friends that I don't see anymore, but kinda feels like one of those way-of-the-world getting-older things. Le sigh. (I might expand on this later.)

Speaking of friends, I'm thinking of having people over on Friday for some gaming/hanging out, but I don't wanna conflict with anyone's existing plans. As I expected to be in New Jersey this Saturday (gaming thing) I didn't pay attention to planning, so am I forgetting anything? Lemme know.