November 8th, 2003



Party last night was a *lot* of fun, I was very happy to have so many of my friends there to share it with me. The bar was well-busy, more than twice as busy as it is on Thursdays. We weren't even the majority of the people there! And a bunch of young people there, too, including some people I was convinced were larpers. I know, weird. So, service was slower than it shoulda been, but they were really nice. Including going into cahoots with RQ to bring me a cake (candles and all) and have Happy Birthday sung to me. Sure am glad I told her I didn't want a big deal made of it. Heh. Thereafter, everyone at the bar was wishing me happy birthday, including a guy in the bathroom (!)

The DJ ("Laura") was *so* much better than the Thursday guy (and we were informed the Thursday guy is no longer with the company, haw haw) and she liked us, too. Oh, and as an aside, we were also confidentially informed that the Thursday night is moving to Nuzbacks in Laurel (on Route 1, like across the street from Best Buy.) I like My Way, actually, but I also like Thursdays in general, and smaller crowds, in specific. Will give it a shot at a later date.

So, yeah, great night. Unfortunately, I got well-plastered, and thusly can't remember a lot of the last couple hours there. I personally blame Uzbekistan (who got me a shot of straight tequila, presumably because she hates me) and the free champagne the bar brought us (I did mention they love us there, right?)

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MORE QUICK NEWS (since I'm on vacation, and thereby half-assing it):
* WELL, DUH: Administration realizing their hand-picked Iraqi ruling council isn't working, and looking for alternatives.
* New anthrax scare turns out to be a false alarm.
* Why I hate the American electoral system: Dean gives up public financing.
* Power vacuum in Iraqi Sunni Triangle leading to many more attacks on US troops and collaborators.
* Lynch disapproves of the government's spin on her ordeal.
* Education president? Dispute over Texas's school 'miracle' casting doubt on the administration.
* Europeans having their retirement age pushed back. I bet we're next.
* Marketers think we consumers will want their text messages on our cell phones. Marketers are once again wrong.