November 5th, 2003


(no subject)

Ah, beautiful mini-vacation. No work for me until next Monday. And added bonus, RQ's mom leaves tomorrow.

Last night was a tasty pre-birthday dinner with Operative X yesterday at Bethesda's Cafe Deluxe. I ate half a chicken! Well, sorta. Tasty mashed potatoes made the trip worthwhile in and of themselves.

Then, to the Landmark. True believers, they had a trailer for Bubba Ho-Tep in case you didn't want to brave the Charles in Bal'mer. Also a trailer for The Singing Detective, which looks good enough to risk.

Then, our main feature - The Station Agent. It's a pretty good flick, well worth seeing. That town is full of wacky people, though. And as Operative X noted, the movie has a great ending.

Oddly enough, I might get Matrix Revolutions this afternoon. And here I thought I would have to wait until Sunday!