November 1st, 2003


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The Halloween party last night was fun! Being bebe-enabled, we had to leave around ten, which is my only regret. I like seeing my friends! I went dressed as Johnny Depp from Once Upon a Time in Mexico, which is to say I wore nice black outfit with leather pants, black leather gloves, two silver pistols, and oversized sunglasses. Oh, with black eyeliner dripping from under the sunglasses. RQ went as one of the Crazy 88 from Kill Bill. And Zoe, she went in her Batman outfit, which rules. Many many keen costumes there, but Dona Quixote and Baldur, dare I say, stole the show, with their costumes from The Royal Tenenbaums.

Fermat the cameraman extraordinaire has some pics up in his LJ, but none of me, which I should have thought to bug him about.

Got up at dog early o'clock this morning to move Magistrate to his new abode in Columbia. Once he's settled, I have to bring RQ over there, so she can feel better about how much gaming stuff I have. Magistrate is legendary! But yes, he is moved in. It was good seeing that crowd as well, even if it did involve manual labor. Also, I played with some dogs. I like other people's dogs. Found out another friend of a friend connection as well, making the world *even smaller.* I fell asleep in the car from Germantown to Columbia, and as soon as I got home, I crashed out for a few hours. Best thing for me.

Now, movie time.