October 22nd, 2003


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Let me make it official: karaoke party for my birthday Friday, November 7, at the karaoke bar in Laurel. More details/reminder later.

Dinner last night with 6 Reddings (RQ, both her parents, uncle, cousin, and a certain bebe.) Went pretty well, we ate at some Indian place in Rockville, which had some damn fine rogan josh.

Still completely coughing. Thusly, NYC trip is formally off. Feh.

News, later. Plus, Angel.

[EDIT: And, just as I post this, I get some bad news on a friend's medical condition, which is just gonna leave a pallor on the rest of the day.]

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* This just in: the other Bush is playing God now, and ignores the right of a husband *and* the courts.
* Internal defense memo by Rumsfeld paints a grim picture of the war on terrorism, and hints that 'a new institution' might be needed. Uh oh.
* UN calls for a halt of the Israeli wall.
* Secretive Pentagon war planner is an enigma of behind-the-scenes action.
* Good read: bizarre view of Iraqi life taking shape.
* Schools struggle to teach character.