October 20th, 2003


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"I flinch at the 1999 Gallup Poll that showed that only 49 percent of Americans would vote for a known atheist for president (59 percent would be open to supporting a homosexual), a number that I can't help thinking suggests real bigotry."
-Chris Mooney

Today's discussion article, on anti-atheist prejudice.

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"Because John Ashcroft touts the Patriot Act around the country does not mean John Ashcroft is a patriot. That American flag over there belongs to every American - not only to John Ashcroft, Rush Limbaugh, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson."
-Howard Dean, speaking at the Arab American Institute (courtesy Lemon Russ)

Howard Kurtz examines why people hate Bush so much.

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Yeah, these links have been piling up for a while...

EGM got together some kids to play the video games we played while growing up. Hilarity ensues. (Courtesy someone I forgot to write down.)

A quick talk with Genndy Tartakovsky on the Clone Wars cartoons.

A quick interview with Thomas Jane on The Punisher (also, here's the movie poster.)

And did I mention they're doing a new comic book of Alpha Flight? I'M SO EXCITED. Wait, no, don't care, my bad.

And the latest release from WizKids, BaseballClix!

Larp Saturday was fun, despite the cold, damp nature. I have to admit, stalking around a house in the dark, knowing something's about to jump out at you *but not knowing when* is pretty damn freaky. Now, if I could just eliminate that annoying guy who kept talking about his other larp characters... (Oh, and I'm still not a big fan of the RTLB larp rules, because, you guessed it, dice.)


Non-geek notes: still sick. Possibly, even more so. Coughed enough to make my lungs sore, and even went light-headed once or twice. This has a day or two more to heal up, and then it's doctor time. RQ's dad shows up, oh, any minute now. He's only in town until Wednesday, though. Oh, and still five vacation days left to schedule. (Turns out I only took one week at the beginning of the year. Who knew?) Still open to suggestions for spending them.