October 10th, 2003


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Lame: Calling in sick for work because you're tired, waking up actually sick. B.a.h.

[But, clubbing for Kermit's birthday went well. Club was relatively packed (possibly for the concert, which I barely caught) but not terribly many people we know there. Music marginally better, so I got a couple set of dancing in. Including the Goth Prom dance to "Fall With Your Knife."]

Awesome: this animated gif, because I am mean.

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Happy birthday Pickett!

Hmmm. Other than RenFest, is there anything going on tonight or this weekend?

* Red Cross comdemns our prison camps at Guantanamo.
* Iranian woman wins Nobel Peace Prize. (But I am sure it will be called a political move.) (And sekritly, I was kinda pushing for Vaclev Havel.)
* Slanted but interesting article on political trends in America.
* Paul Krugman, on how it's hard to be honest *and* polite about the administration.
* Cisco and IBM to team up and create software standards for networking.
* Regents propose more tuition hikes at U-Md.